Last updated 6/5/2017 at 10:40 PM EST for Patch 56.03.02

Credits for the translated patch notes goes to Idi0ticGenius and the people who help him. This is only a compilation of upcoming patches, what we can expect to see from them, and likely when. The estimates on when a patch might be released is just that, an estimate, generally following EME’s patterns can show you their release schedule, although it has become somewhat erratic lately so releases may be off.

Current Patch

Link to NA TERA’s official patch notes

We are currently on patch 56.03.02, which has Veliks Sanctuary (Hard) and Deathwrack equipment (VM9). KTERA later introduced double drops for all Deathwrack materials in VSHM and a few changes like etching boxes, Lakan’s crates, etc. but the entirety of this patch is currently available in the game. You can see that patch here.

What to expect in the future

3/2/17 – Harrowhold Revamped

We should expect this patch early July – En Masse staff confirmed “sometime next month (July)”

Detailed Patch Notes

  • Harrowhold returns as a 20 man raid dropping VM9.5 retool items, dragons and superior innerwear along with it’s old drops upgraded to the newest tier
  • Dual Option system that lets you put two different sets of rolls on your gear at the cost of 10,000 gold
  • Bathysmal Rise (Hard) and Akeron’s Inferno (Hard) re-released
  • Demokron Factory (Hard) and Timescape (Norma) closed
  • The bosses and mobs in both difficulties of Velik’s Sanctuary have had their HP “greatly” decreased
  • Fees required to start a Guild War has been increased
  • Bug fixes

3/9/17 – Brawler Buffs

Detailed Patch Notes
Likely this patch will be bundled with the 3/2/17 patch

  • Brawler changes
    • Growing fury power increase from 30 to 45, crit factor from 30 to 50, rage consumption decreased from 300 to 250 per second
    • Quick Dash (the iframe) can be casted a second time if used within 8 seconds, but then is unusable for 8 seconds, can now be glyphed for cooldown
  • Velik’s Sanctuary changes
    • Bug fixes
    • Hard mode imperator cage can now be iframed *already in the game
    • Nerfed damage of some attacks *probably already in the game?
  • Akeron’s Inferno (Hard) changes
    • Removed trample damage
    • Mobs on defense portion of 2nd boss nerfed HP but buffed damage to the sword

3/30/17 – Quality of Life Changes

Detailed Patch Notes
Maybe August – possibly bundled with the next patch that includes Demoro’s Roulette

  • Manglemire returns
  • Broker changes
    • To prevent people from tricking others by placing an item at a much lower cost than normal, a warning will pop up when someone majorly undercuts the market
    • The UI will now display MIN/AVG instead of MIN/MAX
  • Can now reduce camera shake in the options
  • Bug fixes
  • Slayer changes
    • Equalized racial animation speed of Combo Attack, Knowdown Strike, and Whirlwind – also increasing cast speed and damage by 10%
    • Buffed all the same skills + Heart Thrust, Measured Slice, Overhand Strike
    • Removed collision with allies on Heart Thrust, Measured Slice, and Leaping Strike
    • Backstab
      • Increased range from 10m to 17m
      • Cooldown will not apply if backstab fails
  • Berserker
    • Mana will no longer passively decay
    • Evasive Smash and Evasive Roll’s cooldowns are no longer shared
    • Removed collision with allies on Thunder Strike, Cyclone, and Leaping Strike
    • Fiery Rage MP consumption while under Intimidation is now the same as when not using Intimidation
  • Mystic
    • Thrall of Life will now do heal > cleanse
    • Increased charging speed of both motes
    • 3 seconds removed from cooldown of Shara’s Lash
    • Curse of Confusion duration increased by 2 seconds
  • Archer
    • Velik’s Mark and Find Weakness can now be canceled by certain skills
    • Thunderbolt skill range and size adjusted, damage no longer reduced on multiple targets
  • Ninja
    • Focus stacks will now only be lost when knocked down
    • Decoy Jutsu will no longer go on cooldown if you fail to backstab the target, cooldown doubled on players
  • Reaper
    • Soul Reversal will now place the player 5 meters behind the target (non-players only)
    • Grim Strike and Sundering Strike collision with allies removed
  • Gunner
    • Scatter Shot crit rate buffed, willpower replenishment on each hit increased by 10
    • Replenish willpower increased from 100 to 200, glyph point cost reduced by 1 for each glyph
    • Arcane barrage, mana missiles, burst fire damage increased by 10%
    • Balder’s Vengeance cooldown from 6 minutes to 4 minutes, all glyph points cost reduced
    • Glyph points cost reduced for Bombardment, Timebomb, and Rolling Reload
  • Warrior
    • Removed collision with allies on Rising Fury, Scythe (there is a god), and Leaping Strike
    • If backstab fails to move you behind the target, it will not go on cooldown
  • Valkyrie
    • If backstab fails to move you behind the target, it will not go on cooldown. Cooldown doubled against players.
  • Brawler
    • If Meat Grinder doesn’t find a target, it’s cooldown will still apply

4/27/17 – Demoro’s Roulette Release

Detailed Patch Notes
Hard to guess dates at this point, possibly September, possibly August and combined with the previous 3/30 patch

  • Demoro’s Roulette released
  • Resizing kits for T2 jewelry added
  • Reaper’s soul reversal will move the person between the monster and themselves if it cannot move behind the monster
  • Mystic buffed
    • Volley of Curses endurance debuff increased from 9% to 10%
    • Aura of the Merciless will now grant 48 power and 9.6 attack speed instead of 40 power and 6 attack speed
  • Slayer’s Knockdown Strike can cancel ICB again.
  • Slayer’s evasive roll distance increased for Poporis.
  • Valkyrie damage against other players slightly decreased
  • Circlet added, only has slightly more defense, 4 more endurance, 8 more crit resist, 70 more MAX MP
  • New circlet will drop from Civil Unrest bams instead of the old one
  • Levels at which skills are learned has been changed for all classes (excluding Valkyrie)

4/28/17 – Small Bug Fixes

Detailed Patch Notes
Definitely will be bundled with the last patch

  • Bug fixes for a lot of bugs that were introduced with ‘yesterdays’ patch

5/25 – Dungeons Rotating

Detailed Patch Notes

From here on I will stop guessing the release dates as it’s too far into the future to make anymore guesses.

  • The rotation of dungeons will change:
    • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (Hard) returned as a mid-tier dungeon
    • Forsaken Island (Normal) and (Hard) return as a mid-tier and a high-tier dungeon respectively
    • Bathysmal Rise (Hard) and Akeron’s Inferno (Hard) will be removed
  • Guild missions added and removed for the respective returning and leaving dungeons
  • A new system that restricts trading of inactive accounts has been added, this likely won’t make it to other regions, but feel free to read the details in the detailed patch notes.
  • Bug fixes

6/22 – Marrow Brooch Achievement

No Detailed Patch Notes Available

  • Achievement awarded after 30 clears of Harrowhold (20 man)
    • Grants a Marrow Brooch
    • Players who have already managed to get 30 clears will get the achievement as they login
  • Bug fixes

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