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Gold is spent on enchantment more than it is earned

On 8/3 Patch, gold has been increased from Vanguard award

Increase max character slot

On 8/3 Patch, max character slot has increased to 17 slots

Disable flying mounts and toy tanks in Bamarama

On 8/10 Patch, flying mounts and toy tanks are disabled around Bamarama area.

Make Ardent Order Helmet available to obtain again

It is available as a bingo event reward


Improve Slayer damage capability

Slayers had issues of damage disparity due to talents, so on September, [Propulsion] talents are planned to become passive and new talents will be introduced.

[Propulsion] Eviscerate: critical damage reduces Cooldown of Measured Slice
[Propulsion] Whirlwind: critical damage reduces Cooldown of Measured Slice

(There is a severe disparity between new player with no talent vs players with high talent points available, especially slayers. The two talents above are the main cause of that, making new players fall behind a lot simply because they cannot cast Measured Slice as often as Veteran Slayers with high talent points invested.)

Remove item level penalty on certain stats

Healers will no longer receive item level penalty from rolling damage stats on weapon. More details will be provided later once it is ready.

Prevent monopoly of rally BAMs

Originally this was planned for 20 man raid, but due to its design, it was easily monopolized by certain guild or parties.

Therefore, there will be adjustments to Rally BAMs’ rewards, spawn time, etc so that even 5 man party can participate.

Improve Vanguard rewards from low tier dungeon.

Gold reward boost have already been applied, but Proficiency XP will be added later.

Allow healers to easily approach solo contents

Similar to Ghiliglade, healers will also receive their special buffs in solo content area.

Add daily vanguard badge tracker

Daily Bonus III will be added which will also allow players to track their progress with daily limit of vanguard completion.

Alleviate lag during rally

Currently we are investigating for a solution to reduce crashing during Rally. More info will be announced by the end of August.

Remove combat trigger when breaking Banyakas’ Treasure Chest

Combat status will no longer trigger when breaking open Banyakas’ Treasure Chest.

Add contents related to flying mounts

We are currently in progress with development of contents related to flying mount, and more info will be announced later when it is ready.

Add more solo contents

In Fall 2017, there will be addition of solo contents in Open World.

Allow flexibility in variety of choices for gears and stats

In Winter, there will be a system to add flexibility in choosing stats.

Change distribution methods for Common-grade items

Common-grade items that are currently used as enchantment materials will be changed to Uncommon-grade so that it is distributed randomly. More details will be provided before such update is announced.

Change weekly Vanguard Bonus rewards during Progression

Vanguard rewards during progression will be reviewed to remove unnecessary items.

Add details about item’s uses in their tooltips.

We will add more details on the item’s tooltip such as its functionality.

Change hierarchy of Mystic/Priest’s enfeebling glyph

This will be changed as Mystic’s [Volley of Curses] have longer duration.

Under Review

Account-wide Friend list / Blacklist

We also agree that this is needed as much as the number of suggestions this have been brought up.
Although it may be difficult to apply this in short time, we will investigate on this.

Toggle-able setting for account-wide Key bind sharing

We also agree that this is needed as key bind settings are separately set per character.
We will investigate on this matter before decisions are made.

Crafting perks such as increased crafting speed for PC Bang users

(KTERA stuff, but maybe this can be implemented to Elites on NA? We’ll see how this goes.)

No more Costume cycle in cash shop

(KTERA stuff)

Enable quick enchantment of currently equipped gear

(with the introduction of new gearing system, the enchantment buttons from Profile UI aren’t there. Also, you have to unequip the gear first before enchanting it or drag the gear into the enchantment UI slot to do so… it’s a hassle. Not to mention auto enchant isn’t there either.)

Provide Talent boost voucher for new players

(KTERA stuff)

Add Bravery potion on T-Cat shop

(KTERA stuff)

Add SWAT uniform costume to TERA coin’s Special tab

(KTERA stuff)


Explanations for these shouldn’t be hard to guess, but upon requests, I will add details.

Extraction of Etchings from gear

Increase selling price for Gems to NPCs

Increase Proficiency XP for all characters in the account when completing Vanguard

Expand spawning zones for Island of Dawn BAMs

For such expansions to be implemented, the locations of NPCs and monsters in the area must be re-allocated, basically they have to re-design the entire area so that monsters and NPC’s line of sights do not get in the way of hunting, as well as avoiding the possibilities of players getting mobbed.

It already happens few time, but adding more BAMs means there will be less space for players for combat. The way IoD is designed is so that any players will have sufficient space to fight against the BAMs one at a time.

Also, as mentioned in other parts, there are more open world solo content coming up. It’s not IoD BAMs, but it will open up variety of content to choose from.

Prevent the game from switching to channel 1 automatically when moving to different zone.

Tera Channel switching system is based on how populated it is ( in NA, this is indicated by Low – Medium – High ). So if channel 1 is overpopulated, the system will automatically switch you to the next available channel that is less populated.

It seem like there are more risks involved for how much it can potentially improve QoL so making such adjustments seems difficult at the moment.

Add separate difficulty of Max level / Progression for all dungeons.

Sell etching designs from NPC

Increase XP gain from hunting BAMs

Player’s growth during progression is in two parts: Running Dungeons or Completing Missions/Quests.

If the XP gain from BAMs were to increase, then everyone would crowd into hunting BAMs. Players are already facing difficulty in finding groups to run dungeons, and this will only cause more harm than good. People will not have sufficient dungeon game play experience as they progress, and dungeon activities will severely decrease if the XP gained for the time spent efficiency differences are too great

Increase Proficiency XP from Pit of Petrax

Pit of Petrax do not take very long to clear compared to other Mid tier (item level 431) dungeons. The Proficiency XP awarded from Vanguard should be adjusted based on the amount of time spent in the dungeon.

Decrease battleground reward from Corsair’s Stronghold

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