Disclaimer: I will be directly translating the GM Note from KTERA on Nexon word-for-word as much as possible, so the original writer is not related to Essential Mana. However, I will provide my own comments in PINK to point out some parts people may misunderstand or have no idea what it is talking about. I had to reword a lot so some things might be lost in translation, but I made sure it’d be straight forward, right to the point. Also, it might look different from the original because I’m adding a table to compare changes for certain parts.


Hello, this is Calvenstein who is in charge of Balancing.

In this Balance Patch Preview, we will share and discuss about the known issues in current balances and future plans so that we can prepare to provide balance patches that would suit player’s expectations.

The paths we are currently taking to make balance changes are by looking at the player’s criticism, prioritizing on classes that severely lack in DPS (Damage Per Second) compared to other classes. We will attempt to increase gameplay satisfaction for Warrior, Sorcerer, and Reaper.

Moreover, we also consider disparity among tank classes, causing Brawlers to be in greater favor as a major issue as well.

We are re-adjusting this phenomenon among tank classes, and planning to make changes so that each tank classes more unique compare to another.

So let’s take a look at the planned changes class by class.

DPS Classes


In certain dungeons, Sorcerers have out-shined other DPS classes. However, there were many concerns when planning balance patches because their abilities could not meet the player’s expectations under certain circumstances, so we are planning to raise its average DPS by making adjustments on glyph.

  •  <Planned Adjustments>
    • Fire Blast 
      • Glyph of Carving – Increase Crit Chance by 20% against Monsters → Doubles Crit Chance against Monsters 
    • Void Pulse
      • Decrease MP Cost 750 → 600
      • Glyph of Carving – Increase Crit Chance by 20% against Monsters  Doubles Crit Chance Against Monsters
    • Hailstorm
      • Increase PvE Attack Power by 15%



For Reaper, it seems that they are generally lacking in ability to DPS** and utility.

(Note: If you read ahead you’d know, but Reaper discussions were filled with how Reaper’s DPS were not very consistent due to issues related to positioning and chaining.)

Although this issue seem to have arose from major skills essentially requiring chaining from other skills, but we think that the real run about reaper is about utilizing this chaining, so we are planning to adjustments so that chaining skills would be rewarding by raising their DPS.

As for lack of utility, adjusting this may cause problems in PvP, so we are taking precautions and plan to come up with solution at later time. However, Reaper’s Talent effects from “Smite” seem to have unintentionally excessive effect in PvP so it is planned to be adjusted.

  •  <Planned Adjustments>
    • Death Spiral 
      • Glyph of Powerlink effect continues to persist even after using Grim Strike.
      • Glyph of Powerlink (Common) – Increases damage of Grim Strike by 20% 30% for a few second
      • Glyph of Powerlink (Master) – Increases damage of Grim Strike by 20% → 30% for a few second
      • Glyph of Powerlink (Rare) – Increases damage of Grim Strike by 25% → 35% for a few second
    • Double Shear
      • Glyph of Powerlink effect continues to persist even after using Grim Strike.
      • After Glyph of Powerlink (Common) – Increases damage of Grim Strike by 20% → 30% for a few second
      • After Glyph of Powerlink (Master) – Increases damage of Grim Strike by 20% → 30% for a few second
    • Sundering Strike
      • Chains after Death Spiral
      • Increases Skill’s Base Damage by 20% when chained 


  • < Talent (KTERA only) >
    • Smite (Lingering)
      • Level 1 – Increase Stun Duration by 10% 6%
      • Increase Duration by 3.6% 1% every level.



Since the March 24th Balance patch, Warrior’s contribution in party have increased more than average compared to other classes.

However, after analyzing the cause of decreased satisfaction toward the class, we’ve identified that highly skilled Warriors have initiated combat with Infuriate to increase overall party DPS.

Therefore, it is planned to be patched to increasing DPS only for Warrior Class in exchange of allowing Warriors to use Infuriate in Assault Stance.**
(Note: The wording is a bit weird here. I’m not exactly sure what they really meant.)

But, it seems that PvP damage have been buffed excessively high, so it will be rolled back to pre-March 24th Balance patch.

  •  <Planned Adjustments>
    • Blade Draw
      • Decrease PvP damage by 10%
      • New Addition Glyph of Carving (Common)
        • Level: 65
        • Point Cost: 4
        • Effect: Doubles Crit Chance
    • Rain of Blows
      • Decrease PvP damage by 10%
    • Scythe
      • Decrease PvP damage by 17%
    • Infuriate
      • When using Infuriate, Assault Stance and Defensive Stance will share 3 minute Cooldown.



After Slayer’s Talent nerf, we have heard voices from players that they have lost the fun element in playing Slayer.** While we agree to this, we had to do so as Slayers were overly reliant on Talents. While keeping the current elements of Slayer, we are planning the patch to reduce cooldown of their main skill to bring satisfaction. Also, Slayer’s PvP performance did not meet player’s expectations, so the adjustments for Exhausting Blow have been planned so that they can play their role in Battleground properly.

(Note: Can confirm. Playing Slayer is all about Resets and Fluid rotations. In KTERA, skill gap was one thing, but differences in Talent Levels made the gap worse at one point.)

  •  <Planned Adjustments>
    • Heart Thrust
      • Reduce MP Cost 220 →170
    • Eviscerate
      • Reduce MP Cost 250190
      • Cooldown 10 Seconds → 9 Seconds
    • Measured Slice
      • Cooldown 10 Seconds → 9 Seconds
    • Exhausting Blow
      • Decrease Cooldown 1 Minute 30 Seconds  1 Minute
      • Decrease Debuff Duration 15 Seconds11 Seconds 



After March 31st Patch, they were able to contribute to Party without falling behind other classes. However, having 15% increased Crit Chance regardless of position seemed odd for a DPS class so we have planned it to change to apply only when attacking from the back.

As for PvP, Archers are also lacking in their abilities compared to other classes, so we are planning to continuously patch Archer’s PvP performance so that they do not feel disadvantaged.

  •  <Planned Adjustments>
    • Sharpshooter
      • Effect only applies when attacking monster from behind and side
      • The effect of Archer class’s passive Sharpshooter is planned to be applied when attacking from behind and side.(posted on April 22nd)
    • Close Quarters
      • Reduce Cool down by 1 second


(Note: Apparently a partial nerf on Sharpshooter Passive. We’ll see how this goes.)


Tank Classes


We have identified the disparity of clearing time between Lancer party and Brawler party. However, adding more power to PvE abilities to Lancer would make them too similar to Brawlers. To avoid this, we are preserving their differences in play style by making adjustments on Adrenaline Rush for additional contribution to party. We are planning to continuously patch in this manner until Lancer can compete with Brawlers. Of course, we are aware that Lancers place higher in PvP, so we will try to make adjustment so that it will not affect PvP.

  •  <Planned Adjustments>
    • Adrenaline Rush I
      • Becomes Buff Skill that also Increases Party Members’ Attack Speed by 15% for 20 seconds, and Additional 5% Damage Against Monsters
    • Adrenaline Rush II
      • Becomes Buff Skill that also Increases Party Members’ Attack Speed by 20% for 20 seconds, and Additional 5% Damage Against Monster.
      • The caster will have Melee Skill Cooldowns Decreased by Half, and Gain Additional Aggro


(Note: Not too sure about this buff. Will have to actually try it out and see how it works out for the team. But I guess 5% extra damage is pretty neat.)



We are currently aware of Warrior role as Tank lacking severely and concerned about how to make them unique compared to other tanks.

For short term, we will increase their base aggro generation so that they will not fall behind other tanks.

In the long run, we will work hard to find a way to make Warrior tanking more unique.

  •  <Planned Adjustments>

    • Torrent of Blows 
      • Increase aggro generation by 50%
    • Battle Cry 
      • Increase aggro generation by 50%

(Note: Sadly, what Warrior Tanks really need right now is Defense/Endurance/actual Tankiness…)



We plan to adjust future patches so that there will be less DPS gap among DPS classes including new classes. Although there may be dissatisfaction due to possible nerfs for certain classes through these balance patches, but in the long run this will allow proper balances in the future.

Also, various communities have pointed out that Ninja and Berserker seem to have received nerfs without any notice. We have checked our data numerous times to see if this was the case but we have confirmed that there were no unnoticed changed made other than what was written in the patch notes.

I am also a gamer who love gaming, and I understand how upsetting it’d be to have a favorite character nerfed unnoticed. Therefore, the TERA team promise that there will not be any unnoticed patches outside of what’s written in patch notes. 

We will try our best to become the TERA that will further develop though valuable opinions.


Thank you.

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