9/8 Patch notes

Thanks to Tooru.Akira, EM team, Pocky guild and friends.

Loriri’s comments = Pink. Tooru.Akira’s comments = Green.

Archer revamp – Skills

All damage values are without glyphs unless specified
↑Damage values aren’t included on the actual patch note. they are added so that you don’t have spend extra time checking the said values.

New skill [Pursuit] added

Travels short distance quickly (16m, 25s cooldown)

New skill [Foresight] added effect duration: 8s

The next hit will register from the back, regardless of position
Skill has like 1.2(?)s cast time
not confirmed, they say it’s retarded long
Many have wondered and asked me via various ways, using [Foresight] then [Rain of Arrows] only results in first hit of [Rain of Arrows] as Back hit while other hits count has front hit. So don’t do this on Ghillie. Use it on Thunderbolt or Radiant Arrow instead.

Increased base damage of Thunderbolt by 100% (5355 -> 10710) 26s BV with execute lmao

Changed skill animation effect
Added noctenium effect
Consumes 2 noctenium: increase damage by 9~13%

Increased base damage of Radiant Arrow by 25% (5885 -> 7356)

Changed skill animation effect

Increased base damage of Penetrating Arrow by 25%(3847 -> 4808)

Changed skill animation effect

Increased base damage of Rain of Arrows by 10%(8956 -> 9851)

Hitting position is determined by the first hit, all subsequent hits will register the same as the first
Changed skill animation effect

Backstep will be based on directional input
Breakaway Bolt will be based on directional input
Increased base damage of Rapid Fire

Increased base damage of first hit by 3x(406 -> 1218)
Increased dase damage of 2nd ~7th hit by 10%(269 -> 295), last hit(1110 ->1221)
Total damage(2861 -> 3914), With glyph(4291 -> 5871) Goddamn that is broken
Each hit will stack “Arrow” buff by 1

Increased casting speed of Poison Arrow (it is now as fast as just shooting auto (Arrow))

Poison Arrow can stack 3 times

Changed number of hits from Ensnaring Trap from 1 to 2

Second hit applies when skill is activated again
Second hit puts 90% movement speed reduction debuff on targets
In PVP, this effect is reduced by half (it’s 20% movement speed reduction. not sure how that’s half.)
Second cast movement speed reduction duration is 3 seconds

Changed Sniper’s Eye effect

Before: Increase damage against boss monster by 5%
After: Increased damage against monsters by 5%

Removed Eagle’s Eye (Eagle’s Eye icon is used for new Arrow buff called [Focus Preparation])
Final Salvo is renamed to Successive Shot (might not change in NA so I’ll leave it as Final Salvo)

Changed number of hits from 5 to 1
Increased Base Damage by 40% more than total sum of 5 hits (1108 -> 1551)
Changed skill animation effect

Arrow buff revamp

Arrow buff stacked from skill Arrow is renamed to Focus Preparation
Focus Preparation activated when it stacks 10 times from Arrow, Rapid Fire, and Final Salvo, increasing charging speed of all charging skills.

Damage increases table

Added/Changed Glyph effects


When casting [Fiery Rage], both [Fiery Rage] and [Flurry of Blows] buffs are received.

(Meaning, the skills are merged.) There are issues with this though. Flurry of Blows effect was 15 seconds but after this, it was reduced to 10 seconds.

Reduced Cooldown of [Evasive Roll] by 1 Second
Increased Cooldown of [Evasive Smash] by 2 Seconds
[Thunderstrike (passive)] is added which increases chance to crit on next thunderstrike if it fails to crit

This passive only applies to PvE
According to Forum reports, this barely does anything to TS crit rate.

Glyph Changes

Longstory short: This is actually more like a nerf than a buff for Zerks, which is why I called it tweaks instead of specifying buff or nerf.
Some people find this “”simplified”” gameplay but many see this as nerf


Increase damage against elite monsters
Increase damage against BAMs


Increase damage against elite monsters
Increase damage against BAMs


Shakan’s Blessing, Balder’s Blessing, Arise, and Kaia’s Shield effects disappears after teleporting


Vow of Rebirth effect disappears after teleporting


Lilith’s Castle (NM)

Dream Horse (First Boss)
Slightly decreased HP, readjusting its enrage gauge correspondingly
Slightly reduced damage
When facing random target to perform wide-range AoE (Area of Effect) attack, it will face a fixed position that it was last facing regardless of whether its target moves or not.
Will now easily move toward person with highest aggro
Slightly reduced Fire Djinn’s HP

Waxpider (Second Boss)

Slightly decreased HP, readjusted its enrage gauge accordingly.
Lowered chance to jump on slowed player
Slow debuff changed to 50% movespeed reduction

Lilith (Last Boss)

Slightly decreased HP, readjusted its enrage gauge accordingly.
Slightly delayed damage received Spherical Projectiles, changed each damage ticks from every 0.5 second to every 1 second

Lilith’s Castle (HM)

Nightmare Dream Horse (First Boss)

Will now easily move toward person with highest aggro
Slightly reduced Fire Djinn’s HP

Nightmare Waxpider (Second Boss)

Lowered chance to jump on slowed player


Revamped GvG System Introduced
Declaring GvG War

GvG can be declared by paying a fee using Guild Funds depending on the Guild Size
Small guild: 600. Medium guild: 1800. Large guild: 3000.

There will be 5 Minutes of Peace time after declaration, and cannot PK without [Outlaw]
When the opposing side did not accept the declaration of war, an addition fee will be added periodically (hourly)

Small guild: 15. Medium guild: 45. Large guild: 75.

GvG Progression

Velika and other specified Areas (such as area around “Destroyed Gateway to God’s Realm” teleportal)
If a guild in-progress of GvG deletes a character to be 1-man guild, it will automatically disband during the next maintenance after the GvG ends.
In special areas such as Dungeon, Battleground, GvG Raid, etc, GvG related messages will not be notified, and will not be able to Declare GvG war, withdraw, or surrender.

GvG Withdrawal

Withdrawl can cancel declared GvG
Guilds will not be able to re-declare to same guild for 1 hour after withdrawal


Surrender option will be available 1 hour after being declared.
Cannot receive another declaration of war from same guild for 24 hours
Surrendering guild must pay a portion of GvG Declaration Fee for Declared Guild
If the Guild Size is same, the surrendered Guild will pay 50%, but if surrendering guild is smaller, then the fee decreases.

Other Changes

After declaration, the option to accept is no longer available. Tactics used in previous GvG is no longer available.
Teleport and Locate fuctions are removed.


Dreamstorm will reopen (Schedule not included as NA /EU / other region might be different.)
Dreamstorm locations can be found in the Map when it opens
Upon successful defense, it will reward [Vanguard Crate] Tier 1~5, [Archdevan Crate] Tier 1~5 depending on performance


Increased Personal Bank slots to 8 slots
Recommended Battleground Vanguard Daily added

Similar to Dungeon Vanguard Daily, Battleground will also have a one-time daily reward for additional reward.
Additional rewards are 15x Shadecore tokens, 15x Tier 9 Feedstock, 3x Tier 10 Spellbind. (Just a bit of clarification: Shadecore listed here is the new shadecore. The Shadecore we currently have is renamed to Shadecore [old])
Daily Additional Battleground Vanguard are scheduled as following
Monday: Gridiron
Tuesday: Iron Battleground
Wednesday: Corsair’s Stronghold
Thursday: Kumas Royale
Friday: Iron Battleground
Saturday: Corsair’s Stronghold
Sunday: Fraywind Canyon
** Please understand that Champion’s Skyring is not included due to short match duration, and normally requires higher level of skill

Bug fixes

UI Fixes

Fixed an issue where clicking on a party member’s HP bar changed a different party member’s HP indicator. (numbers to percent thingy)
Fixed an issue where a Talent UI could not be opened during combat

Flying Mount

Fixed an issue when riding a flying mount, falling character does not receive damage when landing with Dive.
??? im not sure if they mean by taking dmg from other player/entity

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