Civil Unrest: Velika

Civil Unrest: Velika BAM drops and victory rewards are adjusted

  • Decreased rewards as it was more efficient to farm compared to other contents
  • There have been confirmation of players that made profits without actually participating in Civil Unrest: Velika, so there have been adjustments.

Guild Mission

The following BAMs will not make their appearances temporarily.

  • Anansha
  • Frygaras
  • Sabranak

They will return after adjustments have been made

Vanguard Mission

Low tier Vanguard Missions will include Proficiency XP bonuses from their rewards.

  • Low Tier Island of Dawn BAMs
  • Echoes of Aranea
  • Celestial Arena
  • Ravenous Gorge
  • Kalivan’s Challenge
  • Shattered Fleet


Healer weapons will receive item levels from the following stats:

Top line Stats

  • Increase damage against enraged monsters (4 Item level)

Bottom line Stats

  • Increase damage against enraged monsters (4 item level)
  • Increase damage against monster with highest aggro towards you (4 item level)
  • Increase damage by 6% (4 item level)


The flying wolf mounts will receive additional 0.5% HP and MP recovery effect when mounted.

Players who have already received, purchased, or kept the skill book will receive a replacement skill book.

Bug Fixes


Brawler’s Rampage failed to hit its target under special conditions.


Ultimate RK-9 Hangar

  • When a player resurrects while First boss initiates Plasma Storm attack, they received falling damage when utilizing the ventilation system.
  • There was a chance where First boss summoned 5 time bombs at once.

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