For some details in changes regarding UI, Stamina, Item, etc, see previous post


There were only some event stuff and bug fixes. Not really important.




Will finish translation later; a lot have been going on;;


Most of the Sorc revamp you can see here. The only thing that’s new are glyph changes and some stuff but let me go over other stuff first


 Sorc Revamp 


Removed Skills – They didn’t actually remove shit, they’re all functionally the same skills, with different animations, pc animations are still the same

Ø  Ice needle

Ø  Fireblast

Ø  Magma bomb

Ø  Overchannel

Burst of Celerity

Ø  Attack speed increased by 30%

Ø  Passive skill

Arcane pulse

Ø  Decreased charging ticks by 1, full charge fires 2 spheres.

Ø [Spell Enhancement] fires more spheres

Ø  Increased speed of projectile

Ø  Fires immediately after full charge

Ø  Greatly increased base damage

Ø  Glyph of Power (common) cost reduced from 4 to 3

Ø  Glyph of carving (common, Master) cost reduced from 4 to 3

Still penetrates mobs?

Mana Infusion

Ø  Replenishes 400~700 MP per second for 5 seconds up to 2000 ~ 3500 MP

Ø  Glyph of Energy added

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       30% cooldown reduction

Frost Sphere

Ø  Replaces ice needle

Ø  Fires a cold frost sphere ahead 18m max, penetrating all targets in its way, and has high chance to place a debuff that decreases movement speed by 20%.

Ø  At its max range, it will shatter and inflict additional damage in the area.

Ø  Glyph of Energy (common)

      Glyph point cost: 3 point

      30% cooldown reduction

Ø  Glyph of Lingering (common)

      Glyph point cost: 3 point

      Increased duration by 50%

Ø  Glyph of Slowing

      Glyph point cost: 3 points

      Additional 20% slow effect

Ø  Glyph of Blaze [Mindblast]

      Glyph point cost: 2 points

   Speeds casting of Mindblast by 40% for a few seconds “sorc pvp nerf”

Meteor Shower

Ø  New skill that replaces Fireblast

Ø  Drops a meteor centered about 10m ahead. The meteor will strike down, inflicting damage to targets around an approximately 4m radius. More meteorites will strike while under the effects of [Spell Enchancement].

Ø  Glyph of Haste (common)

       Glyph point cost: 3 point

      Cast speed increased by 17%

Ø  Glyph of Haste (Master)

       Glyph point cost: 2 points

       Cast speed increased by 25%

Ø  Glyph of Brilliance (common)

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       Reduce MP cost by 250

Ø  Glyph of Brilliance (Master)

       Glyph point cost: 3 points

       Reduce MP cost by 400

Ø  Glyph of Carving (common)

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       Double crit chance against monsters

Ø  Glyph of Energy (common)

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       Reduce cooldown by 10%

Ø  Glyph of Energy (Master)

       Glyph point cost: 3 points

       Reduce cooldown by 20%

Lightning Strike

Ø  New skill that replaces Magma Bomb.

Ø  Call down consecutive lightning strikes up to about 15m ahead to inflict damage on targets

Ø  Glyph of Brilliance

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       Double crit chance against monsters

Ø  Glyph of Persistence

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       30% chance to reset cooldown

Ø  Glyph of Persistence (master)

       Glyph point cost: 3 points

       40% chance to reset cooldown

Spell Enhancement

Ø  New Skill (that replaces overchannel) it uses the same pc animation

Ø  For 15 seconds, increase attack speed by 30%, base damage of skills used against monsters by 20% and enhance skills shown below:

Ø  [Arcane Pulse]: More projectiles (from 2 to 4)

Ø  [Meteor Shower]: Cast time increases but the skill’s radius and Base Damage are greatly increased.

Ø  Glyph of Energy (common)

      Glyph point cost: 2 points

       Reduce cooldown by 20%

Ø  Glyph of Lingering (common)

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       Increase effect duration by 30%

Ø  Glyph of Lingering (Master)

       Glyph point cost: 4 points

       Increase effect duration by 40%

Ø  Glyph of Lingering (Rare)

       Glyph point cost: 3 points

       Increase effect duration by 40%

Warp Barrier

Ø  Cannot use other skills while this skill is active

Lightning Trap, Mindblast, Painful Trap

Ø  Increased Cast Speed by 50% still cancer Someone told me “Lightning trap, Mindblast, Painful Trap cast speed under BoC was 174% now it will be 180% (50%+30% from passive) so only 6% increase (this is without gear bonuses obviously).” Actually incorrect. If I’m reading the patch notes correctly, the base cast speed is changed, which means compared to last patch’s base, all aspd buffs are effectively multiplied by 150%. It’ll actually be 195% of previous base, compared to 170% before. The new cast speeds are permanent, instead of only under BoC. Not to mention new overchannel cast speed buff added on makes it 240% of previous base. I’m not sure if there is a hard cap for aspd in Tera. I’m not sure how blazing glyphs work

Flaming Barrage

Ø Added Glyph of Haste (Common)

       Glyph point cost: 3 points

       Increase cast speed by 30%

Ø  Added Glyph of Haste (Master)

       Glyph point cost: 3 points

       Increase cast speed by 40%


Ø  Removed Glyph of Indignancy (common, Master)

Ø  Characters that already have acquired Glyph of Indignancy (Master) will receive Flaming Barrage – Glyph of Haste (Master)


Ø  Greatly increased skill power

Ø  Glyph of Keen point cost reduced from 4 to 3

Glacial Retreat

Ø  Removed Glyph of Indignancy

Mana Siphon

Ø  Removed Glyph of Indignancy  indignancy glyphs are the ones that have chance to trigger overchannel, but that skill is “removed” Oh shit I didn’t even know there was a glyph of indignancy on anything but backstep. Guess that shows how useless it is.

Mana Shield

Ø  Removed Empowering Glyph


Ø  [얼음 폭풍 재장전]

       [서리 구체], [빙결의 대지] 치명타 적중 시 얼음 폭풍 재사용 대기시간 감소 [0.3초~1.7초]로 변경됩니다.

Ø  [뇌격 강타 – 추진력] 특성이 추가됩니다.

       뇌격 강타 치명타 적중 시 마력 폭발 재사용 대기 시간 [0.05초~1초] 감소

Ø  [마력강화 – 증폭] 특성이 추가됩니다.

       발동 시 피해 증가 효과 [4.5%~11.5%] 상승

Ø  [마력강화 – 지속 충전] 특성이 추가됩니다.

       시전 시 20초간 초당 [6~15] MP 지속 회복, 피격 시 해제

Ø  [신속의 계약 – 지속 충전] 특성이 삭제됩니다.

Ø  [파괴의 계약 – 증폭] 특성이 삭제됩니다.

Ø  [마력 응집 – 충전] 특성이 삭제됩니다.

※ 마법사 클래스 리뉴얼 이전에 저장했던 문장/특성 세팅이 비정상적으로 출력될 수 있습니다.

해당 상황이 발생할 경우 문장 초기화 버튼을 눌러 해결할 수 있습니다.

※ 마법사 클래스 리뉴얼과 관련된 자세한 내용은 개발자 노트를 참고 부탁 드립니다.

☞ 마법사 개편 개발자 노트 [바로가기]

  1.      Healer Class Skill Balance 힐러 클래스 스킬 밸런스 조정


Blessing of Shakan

  • Only applies to party (raid) members
  • Skill radius increased from 6m to 9m (from caster’s perspective, the increase is about from 9m to 12m)

Blessing of Balder

  • Only applies to party (raid) members
  • Mana cost 1775 -> 875
  • Skill radius will be synonymous with Blessing of Shakan


  • Only applies to party (raid) members

Kaia’s Shield

  • Only applies to party (raid) members

Mana Charge

  • MP replenishment based on charging level increased from 4/10/20% to 8/15/32% (max 48% when glyphed)
  • Applies to maximum of 25 members

Triple Nemesis – Glyph of Enfeeblement

  • No longer stacks with Mystic’s endurance debuff (Volley of Curses – Glyph of enfeeblement)

Energy Stars

  • Changed to apply to party members whether or not they are currently in iframe

Blessing of Shakan/Balder, Arise, Kaia’s Shield

  • When leaving or joining party, the effects will disappear unless the caster exists
  • The caster must remain in party to keep the effects. They will disappear if the caster is not present.



Arun’s Vitae

  • Having 2 stacks will heal for only 1.3x the effect of 1 stack

Talent – ignore for now

■ 특성 – 정령의 분노(정령사)

Ø 특성 15레벨 기준, 발동확률이 28%에서 20%로, 감소량이 2.5초에서 1.5초로 변경되었습니다.

Volley of Curses – Glyph of Enfeeblement

  • Does not stack with Priest’s endurance debuff (triple nemesis – glyph of enfeeblement) 10/10 raid balancing

Vow of Rebirth

  • Effect disappears if the caster leaves the party/raid.

(Note: obvious changes were obvious.)

  1.    Dungeons



Lilith’s Castle

Lv 65, 5 man party, ilvl 410 for instance matching

Located at Popolion > Bestial Vale

Drops: Lilith Gear (mid tier), Simple Brooches, VM8 materials

(Note: VM8’s name “매혹“ can translate to be captivated, be charmed, be fascinated, be bewitched, or be enchanted. I want to say Seduction, but it looks like I’ll stick with Captivation. ) S&M gear, got it

Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Vault of Kaprima

These dungeons have returned. Neutered versions

Shadow Sanguinary

All boss’s attacks’ damage slightly decreased.

Celestial Arena

All monsters’ abilities are increased slightly

Becomes total of 7 stages and time limit of 10 mins

No rewards will be given if it is not cleared in time limit

Crowd’s cheer buff (idk what it’s called…. Probably some noob buff if you’re actually that bad) changed to 90 sec

Pumpkins and watermelons no longer speak.



  1.     Consumables Consolidation/ UI convenience revamp



추가내용 : 넴드 젠시간이 엄청 빨라짐 (체감으론 1~2시간정도?) 하루만에 네임드 몬스터 다 잡았음 (뉴엘3종포함)

■ 컨디션 시스템 변경

Ø 캐릭터의 컨디션이 120으로 고정이 되고 하트모양의 컨디션 표시가 삭제되었습니다.

Ø HP와 MP 표시가 ‘현재 HP(MP)/기본 최대HP(MP)+컨디션으로 인한 최대 HP(MP) 증가분’에서 ‘현재 HP(MP)/최대 HP(MP)’로 변경되었습니다.

■ 이상상태 아이콘 세분화

Ø 이상상태 UI 설정이 추가되어 캐릭터의 설정에 따라 원하는 이상상태만 표시되도록 설정할 수 있습니다.

■ 성장구간 아이템 드랍

Ø 성장 구간 필드/인던 몬스터(일반, 중형)의 드랍 아이템이 조정 됩니다.

■ 부적 아이템 개편

Ø 현존하는 모든 부적(삼색 호신부 포함)이 사용불가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 기존 부적의 효과는 만능 전투 비약에 추가됩니다.

■ 비약, 주문서

Ø 만능 전투 비약을 제외한 모든 비약, 주문서는 사용불가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 탱커,딜러: 만능 전투 비약 사용시, 부적 3종(힘, 맷집, MP회복), 맹수의 비약, 치명타 위력 주문서 효과 적용

Ø 힐러: 만능 전투 비약 사용시, 부적 3종(힘, 맷집, MP회복), 맹수의 비약, 공격 속도 주문서 효과 적용

■ 만능 전투 비약

Ø 만능 전투 비약에 부적 3종(힘, 맷집, MP회복) 효과가 추가됩니다.

Ø 2개의 이상상태가 적용되는 것을 1개로 통합되며 지속시간이 30분으로 변경됩니다.

Ø 잡화 상점에서 상/중/하급 전투 비약을 구매하실 수 있습니다.

■ 물약

Ø 현재 존재하는 모든 제작 물약이 사용 불가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 신규 HP물약, MP물약 각 3종이 추가 됩니다.

Ø 지속성 회복물약, 급속 회복 물약, MP 회복 물약, 과일 빙수, 기타 이벤트 물약은 사용이 가능합니다.

Ø 소멸의 물약, 각성의 물약이 사용 불가로 변경됩니다.

■ 붕대

Ø 모든 붕대(일반 붕대, 마법 붕대, 레린의 마법 붕대)가 사용 불가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 붕대 사용으로 달성할 수 있는 업적은 물약 사용으로 달성 조건이 변경됩니다.

■ 컨디션 관련 물품

Ø 모든 컨디션 관련 물품(모닥불, 장작, 활력의 성수 등)은 사용 불가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 리카노르 불꽃 샐러드: 컨디션 최대치 15증가 → 최대 HP/MP 5% 증가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 벨릭의 날개: 컨디션 유지 → 치명타 저항 20 증가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 나머지 요리: 현재 적용 중인 옵션으로 유지됩니다.

Ø 컨디션 및 HP/MP 회복 탈 것의 옵션이 아래와 같이 변경됩니다.

변경 전 변경 후
컨디션 회복 HP, MP 초당 0.5% 회복
컨디션, MP 회복 HP 0.5%, MP 초당 1% 회복
컨디션, HP/MP 회복 HP, MP 초당 1% 회복

■ 고대의 영단

Ø 고대의 영단이 사용 불가로 변경됩니다.

Ø 녹테늄 강화탄의 성능이 상향되어 영단 효과를 유지하는 것과 동일하게 변경됩니다.

■ Daily Log-in buff (Vanguard buff)

Ø 3 buffs are consolidated to 1

Ø changes shown below.

# Days logged in Buff name Buff Effect
3 Valkyon’s Valor I Increases movement speed out of combat by 7, MaxHP by 1%, Power 1
5 Valkyon’s Valor II Increases movement speed out of combat by 14, Max HP by 3% , Power by 3
7 Valkyon’s Valor III Increases movement speed out of combat by 20, Max HP by 5%, Power by 6

■ Valkyon’s Response, Rescue Supplies

Ø No longer obtainable

■ Buff check (from Kalivan’s challenge)

Ø The buff required to initiate the dungeon is changed.

Ø All party member must use one of the Battle Nostrums (new ones, see the link at the beginning)  

Ø  Applies to Kalivan’s Challenge, Demokron Factory, and Channelworks.

■ Progression dungeon and quest

Ø Following solo dungeons are removed

Dungeon name
Bastion of Lok
Sinestral Manor
Cultist’s Refuge
Necromancer Tomb
Golden Labyrinth
Ebon Tower

      Ø Information about Stamina and its consumables will be removed from quests

Ø Rewards that included stamina consumables will also change.

■ Loot box reward changes

Ø Unusable items from loot boxes will be readjusted/replaced.

■ Alchemy Crafting

Ø Low/Mid/High tier Battle Nostrum Designs added

Ø Designs that were already learned will remain

Ø Requirement for Apprentice/Master alchemy test will change  

Here are in-game pics

^ I think bhs went full retard here. If they were trying to make a money sink, just don’t even bother including these designs. It’s like they added these just to make people able to get master alch, which is completely useless now.

  1.     Combat Improvement

■ UI

Ø  Default UI size and locations have been adjusted (revised)

Ø  Character HP bar is placed at the bottom as default, and main menu will be placed on the top (added) Oh so bhs realized putting the hp bar in the top corner in an arpg is fucking retarded

Without changing default setting, pressing UI Reset will readjust their sizes (added)

Ø  Crit damage font is now Orange color

Ø  Certain options are replaced (…. no idea what this is tbh)

Display warning when receiving heavy damage -> display damage received on screen

Display warning when in critical condition -> Display on screen when critical condition

I think all these do is put the little enraged marker above your character, so literally useless. They might have changed it so you get a text warning or something.

Ø  In settings, an option to add unit markers for damage numbers have been added

You can choose among a comma (,) period (.) or blank ( ) so that you can see the numbers clearly. (added)

Ø  Auto hide UI option added

This is for players who wants to enjoy combat with minimal use of UI. (added)

■ Effect

Ø  Effects will vary depending on degree of damage received(?)

Ø  25% below will display effect as Critical condition

Ø  Additional effect will be displayed when receiving damage while in critical condition

Tank Battleground

BG is reopened, can be entered via Battleground Matching

New Achievement Season (season 5) for KTERA so not relevant to NA/EU

  1.     업적 시즌 변경

Readjusted achievement ranking

Ø 2016년 07월 21일(목) 정기점검으로 시즌 4가 종료되고 업적 시즌 5가 시작됩니다.

Ø 업적 점수 조정에 따라 업적 등급이 시즌 4와 다르게 변경될 수 있습니다.

Event Items for KTERA, not relevant for NA/EU

VM7 event, not relevant

  1.     이벤트 아이템 삭제

Ø 이벤트 기간이 종료된 아이템이 삭제됩니다.

삭제 아이템
[이벤트]’철기장:복수’ 장비 재료 교환 토큰
[이벤트]출석 코인
  1.     던전 허들 개선

■ Guide message

Ø  Additional messages that will tell the player what to do will be displayed when needed

n  Applied to progression stages

n  At max level, the dungeons that have NM/HM will only display at NM, but if there are no other difficulty, it will only apply to lower tier dungeons. Lori pls, how do I fix this one

■ 이펙트

Ø  New effects added to display the timing better in Lilith and Raeklith dungeons

  1.   PC방 프리미엄 추가 혜택 변경 Internet Cafe, not relevant

■ 혜택 변경

Ø  기존 제공되었던 ‘[PC방]베르노의 잎사귀’가 ‘[PC방]악녀의 뿔 조각’으로 변경되었습니다.

n  해당 아이템 우클릭 시 릴리스 시리즈 아이템과 아티팩트 조각을 구입하실 수 있습니다.

n  기존 ‘[PC방]베르노의 잎사귀’4개로 아티팩트 조각 교환이 가능하였으나,  ‘[PC방]악녀의 뿔 조각’은 5개를 소지하여야 아티팩트 조각 교환이 가능합니다.

Ø  ‘[PC방]켈리반 장비 상자 모음’가 ‘[PC방]베르노 장비상자 모음’으로 변경되었습니다.

  1.   Story Quest Changes

■ 아크데바 토벌대 이후의 던전 관련 미션 퀘스트 변경

Ø  Kalivan’s Challenge > Channelworks > Demokron Factory > Lilith’s Castle



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