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6/28/18 Patch Notes

  Elin Gunner Elin Gunner is now available for character creation Race Changer Voucher cannot be used to change into Elin Gunner   Balance With exception to Reaper, progression areas for all classes will be slightly adjusted.   Bug Fixes Leaderboard Name Plates were retained for some players Island of […]

6/14/18 Patch Notes

  Summer Festival Summer festival is opened and corresponding NPCs are added to promote the event. These NPCs are located within Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator Bastion and Serpentis Isle Guardian Legion Decreased HP of Est and Ost from Legendary Guardian Mission ‘Looming Claw of Vengeance’ Legendary Guardian Mission time will […]

06/07/18 Patch Note

Dungeon Shadow Sanguinary Hard Mode Item Level: 446 Rewards: Onset Mask and Top Tier Enchantment Materials Shadow Sanguinary Normal Mode Item Level: 439 Rewards: Golden Talent, Silver Talent, and High Tier Enchantment Materials Item New Accessories Exalted Necklace Exalted Earrings Exalted Rings Exalted Circlet Exalted Belt New Materials These materials […]

5/31/18 Patch Notes

Battleground Bellicarium Credits are added to Battleground Rewards along with additional Enchantment Material Box. Battleground Bellicarium Credits Enchantment Material Box Victory Defeat Victory Defeat Corsair’s Stronghold 90,000 30,000 7 4 Fraywind Canyon 90,000 30,000 8 5 Champion’s Skyring [Solo] 9,000 3,000 Golden Talent x7 Silver Talent x3 Champion’s Skyring [Team] […]

5/17/18 Patch Notes

  Skill Priest Mana Infusion Reduce Casting Time by 2 seconds, increase casting Speed by 10% Increased MP replenishment from 100 to 500 Decreased effect duration from 20 seconds to 10 seconds Increased Cooldown from 10 seconds to 20 second Effect will not be removed when receiving damage or casting […]

5/3/18 Patch Note

Dungeon Demon’s Wheel 5 man dungeon will open until May 31st (Thursday) Item Level 439 required for Vanguard Mission Drops: Dyad Niveot Structure, [Event] Afro Hair, [Event] Lamb Bulgogi, etc   Civil Unrest: Velika Guild Towers can only be placed by Guild Members that are authorized to “Manage Guild Funds” […]

[KTERA] 4/26/18 Patch Note

Dungeon Cruel Dreadspire Decreased HP of all Bosses 3rd Floor Imperator will initiate mechanics less frequently 6th Floor Krakatox’s debuff mechanic difficulty have been reduced Manglemire No longer available for entry Leaderboard The following dungeons will now prohibit use of chocolates. If they were used beforehand, their effects will be […]

4/19/18 Patch Notes

Guardian Legion New Guardian Flight Missions “Rhapsody of Wind and Flames” “Annihilate Patrols Mission” Lv 65 only, accessible in similar method as other Guardian Legion Missions World Map > Activate Guardian Mode > Track Guardian Missions > Select Guardian Mission These missions require Flying Mounts to participate normally. Similar to […]

04/05~12/2018 Patch Notes

04/05/2018 Dungeon Cruel Dreadspire “Core Element” have been added as reward for clearing 5th Floor Joy of Partying bugg have will be applied to double item drop rates, excluding gold. Pit of Petrax Petrax’s Enraged status condition now requires damage to be inflicted instead of having aggro alone. Timer countdown […]

3/29/18 Patch Note

Dungeon Cruel Dreadspire Level 65, 5 man party dungeon with 10 floors which consists of single Boss monster on every floor. No limit to item level requirement, 1 entry per day for level 65 ( 2 entry per day for VIP ) Rewards are as follows 5th Floor 10th Floor […]

02/28/18 Patch Note

Skills Valkyrie Balder’s Tears ‘Replenish Ragnarok’ effect has been added which will prevent Ragnarok depletion and Replenish 67 Ragnarok every second. ‘Replenish Ragnarok’ effect will disappear once the character enters combat or the buff ends. Ragnarok Gauge No longer resets upon death Buffs related to Ragnarok Gauge will no longer […]

2/22/2018 Patch Note

Dungeon Server Stability Stabilization have been applied to combat the lags and frame drop issues during gameplay. Proxy Prevention Security updates have been applied to prevent use of Proxy. Bug Fix  Dungeon Player’s location did no match up during certain mechanics while fighting monsters in dungeon. Quest During the “The […]