Forgive the dust, Essential Mana is currently undergoing construction for a new look. I will be working to get everything up and running by the end of the week!

Everything will be accessible while undergoing constructions, but some things may be broken until we’re done!

Meanwhile, give us your feedback and let us know whether you prefer a light theme or a dark theme!


  1. layout design is fine, but i prefer it Dark/er colours

  2. I prefer the Dark Theme. Or you can create a function in the header, let’s say a switch color theme functionality.
    Since some users prefer white theme version for ease of use. But the default is dark – I love dark colors haha

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    As dark theme user, it’s mostly due to my environment. When I get home to use my computer, it’s usually night time ~8pm and I use computer until ~2am or so. Since my family goes to sleep early around starting around 10pm, I have to work in the dark. I can turn on a desk lamp to reduce eye strain from light themes, but the problem is that I get really annoyed by those light reflections and glares coming from it, same thing goes with any type of light that’s directed toward the screen, even if they’re the ones on the ceiling. Sun light is the worst when it comes to this as well, but it really depends.

    I can kinda use light theme at work though, the room is bright but not enough so that it makes glares on screen. But I don’t have this kind of lighting at home.

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    It looks way better compared to the old one in terms of layout but it just needs an option for a dark theme if possible, dark is easier to read etc.

  5. I liked the old one but this new one is far more professional looking.
    Great job.

  6. Please offer an option for a dark color scheme. Just a few days ago I was remarking on how aesthetically pleasing the site was and how easy it was on the eyes due to the dark color scheme. I was rather shocked to see it all white as of today.

  7. Hey! I’ve noticed that the new look has broken the Glyph’s for the brawler guide, and maybe for other guides too. Any chance of seeing this fixed soon? πŸ™‚

  8. Harder to read for me. Dark backgrounds work best in my environment.
    I’ve only looked at one guide so far (Mystic PVE) but a lot of things are lost in the change. I was specifically looking at glyphs. The author used color coding to indicate which where useful and not useful. This information is totally lost now, because all text is black. I also remember I thought tabs being used to separate the info, and now its just one long annoying scrolling page.

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    nice UI layout but … its too white not ease to the eyes

  10. Now is verry good, black background hard for read πŸ™‚

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