Oblit is the upgraded Visionmaker (VM) set released in the Velik’s Fate patch. It is considered Top-tier gear in the Velik’s Fate patch.

Velik’s Fate

Oblit is a Tier 12 Set, and so will use Tier 12 Feedstock, Alkahest, Spellbinds and Master Enigmatic Scrolls. Its weapon offers a re-rollable top stat line, and an additional enchantable re-rollable stat line (4 line) compared to the Mid-Tier gear’s 3 lines. The chest piece has a unique class skill-line, making it class specific and can have up to 4 re-rollables stat lines. Deathwrack is a hybrid PVE and PVP weapon.

Like Behemoth, once Deathwrack VM9 has been retooled into Oblit VM9.5, the gear can no longer be liberated at +15 and will be permanently soulbound to the character it is equipped on.

Deathwrack, like Behemoth and Deathwrack, has Blacksmith’s Last Mercy as its Visionmaker proc.
Blacksmith’s Last Mercy decreases the target’s Crit Resist Factor by 10 for 10 seconds when activated.

How to Obtain

Oblit is obtained by retooling Deathwrack VM9 gear with new Vergos parts obtained from Harrowhold (20-man). The old materials obtained from Harrowhold (30-man) will not be useable to retool Deathwrack VM9 to Oblit VM9.5.

Although Oblit is currently not available in NA or EU, it will eventually be released with the release of revamped Harrowhold (ETA possibly late June or early July).

More Information and Stats TBA

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