The DPS role is part of the trinity that exists in TERA: Tank, Healer, and DPS. The primary role of a DPS in a party is to be able to deal damage. To effectively deal damage, it is important to have correct crystal choices, correct gear rolls and appropriate consumable usage, but it is also important to have an optimized skill rotation and positioning in battle.

This guide covers the basics that every DPS class player should know. Small things may vary from class to class, such as armor chest top line roll or etching choices. Class-specific details should be consulted in class guides, but this is a good starting point for all starting DPS players.

Attacking From Behind

Attacking the boss from behind is one of the most important mechanics in TERA. Using proper backcrit crystals (Bitter and Savage) crystals greatly increase crit damages, and their effect only apply from behind the boss: your critical hits will hit around 60% to 100% harder from behind. Moreover, bosses have less crit resistance from behind. Combining the effects of the Everful Nostrum (or Prime Battle Solution) with the back crits allow you to do more than twice or three times more damage attacking from the back compared to attacking from the front. This is why positioning is so very important.

It is important to note that the visual back of a boss may be different from the actual back of the boss that allows for backcrits. You don’t always actually have to be at the physical back of the mob to be getting back crits as its “back” only changes after it has finished its animation.

The “back” you see
Actual “back”

Your back crits will only register if you are both (1) behind the boss AND (2) facing the boss. So that means you cannot cast a spell from behind the boss, run backwards/sideways and expect backcrits.

Use your time efficiently

Many skills can have their ending animations skipped by using another skill. Learn which skills cancel which other, when is the correct timing to chain into the next skill (usually as soon as the number appears), and plan ahead to use the next skill for what skill you will use next. Know which skills you can initiate your combos with are available, so that in case you had to dodge attacks or re-position. Using chain skills with spacebar might be tempting, but try to avoid as much as possible, since it will get you into a bad habit of using a far from optimal skill order.

Mana managements

glisteningly-hard-dyad mana-pot sarberry-ice divine-infusion glistening-niveot

Mana management becomes a lot easier if you have an armor dyad with a Glisteningly- prefix. Some classes only run out of mana when your healer is not giving you mana (i.e. Ninja, Valkyrie, Archer, Gunner) but some classes need a glisteningly dyad for a smooth combat experience (i.e. Sorcerer, Warrior, Berserker, Reaper, Slayer) and may need to use mana potions off cooldown. Without mana pots and a Glisteningly dyad, they may often find themselves frequently out of mana in combat. I recommend always carrying lots of different mana potions anyways to make up for the lack of glistening or in case your healer is not providing mana.

Gear Rolls

These rolls are based off the assumption that the gear has already been masterworked.

vengeance-axe Weapon
For most DPS classes, the general recommended weapon rolls are
Top Roll:

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters

Bottom Roll:

Increases damage by 6%,
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind, and
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.

Some classes may choose to vary one line, replacing the top line with a more class appropriate roll such as attack speed.
The recommended fourth roll for Best-in-Slot Visionmaker-series weapons varies by class as well.
Please consult a guide for your class for more details.

vengeance-hauberk Armor
For all classes, the recommended bottom armor rolls are

Decreases damage taken by 6%,
Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%, and
Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%.

The top recommended skill line depends on your class, so please consult a guide for your class for more details.

vengeance-gauntlet Glove
For all DPS classes, the recommended glove rolls are

Increases Crit Factor by 9,
Increases Power by 5,
Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%.

vengeance-greaves Boot
For all classes, the recommended boot rolls are

Increases Movement Speed by 6%,
Increases Endurance by 4,
Replenishes 1% of total MP every 5 seconds.

vengeance-belt Belt
For most classes, the recommended belt rolls are

Increases Crit Factor by 6
Increases Power by 3.

necklace Necklace
For most classes, the recommended necklace roll is

Increases Power by 4

ring Rings
For most classes, the recommended ring rolls are

Increases Power by 4
Increases Crit Factor by 4

earring Earrings
For most classes, the recommended earring rolls are

Increases HP by 4%
Increases Endurance by 4


Crystal Choices

The standard setup for most DPS classes is Savage, Focused, Bitter and [Carving or Pounding].
Fine Savage Fine Focused Fine Bitter Fine Carving Fine Pounding
For most classes, Carving is replaced by Pounding once you have high crit. However, for classes that prefer to stack crit (i.e. Ninjas, Sorcerers, and Reapers), Forceful is preferred instead of Carving or Pounding.

For ranged classes (Archer, Sorcerer, Gunner), they should replace the Bitter crystal with a Spiteful crystal instead. This does not include reapers, as reaper skills are mostly considered melee.
Please consult a guide for your class for more details on a recommended crystal setup for your class.

Brooch Choices

A brooch is an accessory that can be activated during combat to provide additional stats or effects. See the Brooch Overview for more info on stats and how to obtain.

Double Brooching

DPS classes should use both Empowered and Quickcarve brooches (blue simple brooches for those starting out, upgraded to yellow superior brooches when possible). By equipping the first one, activating it, and then swapping to the other brooch right before entering combat, you can make use of two different brooches. However, do not activate both brooches at the same time as the active effects will override each other.

When you can afford to, replace Empowered with a Quatrefoil brooch. Empowered and Quatrefoil brooches share cooldowns, so it is only possible to use Quatrefoil and Quickcarve together to double brooch.

The order you use Empowered or Quickcarve can depend on your class. Even if you can only afford one superior brooch, you can still use the blue simple version for the other one to double brooch.

Note that you can save the different brooches to separate saved outfits. The default hotkeys to change outfits are Shift + (1-5). This allows you to quickly easily swap brooches without opening profile or inventory. Hotkey both brooches onto your skillbar to quickly activate your brooches.


Consumables have different effects and duration, and give different boost and are extremely important to DPS classes. Here is the list of consumables and their effect and when to use them.

Everful Nostrum / Prime Battle Solution [Required]
Increases Power by 27%, Endurance by 20%, and Restores 13% of your MP every 5 seconds.
Decreases cooldowns of attack skills by 15%.
Increases Crit Power by +1.42 times when attacking [Tanks, DPS].
Increases Attack Speed of [Healers] by 10.

The basic consumable. Gives many various bonuses and you MUST use this again every time you die. These bonuses gives a good amount of damage, defense, mana regeneration boost, and shorter skill cooldown. The Nostrum also gives you Crit Power, which significantly increases your damage.

Healing potions (Prime Recovery Potable, Health Potion, Rejuvenation/Valiant Potion)
prime-pot health-potionrejuv-pot
These potions help survivability.
Prime Recovery Potable has a short cooldown but doesn’t have as strong an effect. Health Potions and Rejuvenation Potions have a stronger effect and a longer cooldown but share cooldowns with each other. They also share a cooldown with Divine Infusion. Put healing items that don’t share cooldowns on different hotkeys to increase your survivability.

Mana potions (Prime Recovery Potable, Divine Infusion, Sarberry Deliciousness)
mana-pot divine-infusion sarberry-ice

Highly effective rotations will leave many classes low on mana.
If you are having mana issues, one mana potion will converts the time wasted on combo attacking into the time spend in using an actual skill. Divine Infusions and Sarberry Deliciousness of the mana potions share cooldowns with each other, so you can have for example Prime Recovery Potable and Sarberry Deliciousness/Divine Infusions on different hotkeys and use them without being restricted by cooldowns. Be aware that using the latter two will put Health Potions and Rejuvenation Potions on cooldown.

Bravery potion or Canephora potion
bravery-potion canephora
Bravery increases attack speed by 4% and attack damage by 10%. Canephora increases damage by 12%.
Those boosts are significant, but the ways to obtain those are limited. It is not a must have consumables, but try to use them if you can afford it. If you don’t have many of them, it is wise to save them for important situations. Bravery potions are considered the better boost potion, but only last 30 mins compared to Canephora’s 60 min duration. Both are on a 60 min cooldown and Canephora Potion can overrides Bravery Potion’s effect.

Noctenium Infusion
Noctenium Infusions increases your skill damage by roughly 8%.
Nocts are a good DPS boost item, but because of their rather expensive cost, they are luxury consumables.

Lamb Bulgogi / Floretta Soup

Lamb Bulgogi gives 20 crit factor, 3 attack speed and 5% HP
They are both good DPS boost items, but because of their rather expensive cost, they are luxury consumables.

Goddess Blessings

Use Blessings to auto-resurrect at the same place, after you die.
It is not mandatory, but can save you a lot of time if you can save the party from wiping. It is recommended to have at least one in the inventory. There are three different types of goddess blessings: Federation Supply: Goddess’s Blessing, Goddess’ Blessing, and Goddess’s Blessing. They are consumed in this order, and if you have one (and only one) of each in your inventory, you can resurrect three times in a row. Each has an hour long cooldown, and if you have more than one of one type of Goddess, you cannot use the other goddesses.

Scroll of Rapid Resurrection
Resurrecting your healer takes a high priority when he/she needs it.
Put it on a hotkey to increase chance of prevent the party from wiping in case it is necessary.

Traditional Bleakfields BBQ

Traditional Bleakfields BBQ increases the potency of heals on your party
This food increase healing from all sources, including from potions and from priest or mystic heals. Especially useful for situations where you expect to take burns or poisons often.

Bleak Wings and Freeholds Flame Salad
bleakwings Freeholds-Flame-Salad
These Rootstock-originated foods increase your Crit Resist Factor by 20 and max HP/MP by 5% respectively. Having this increased stamina lets you benefit from greater effects from charms.



  1. This should be apart of the guideline “if your a dps and you continue to stand in Retarded healer may not heal you for being useless Pay attention to where your character is standing

  2. anyone have any info on this back detector mod from the “attacking from behind part”?

    • It’s not a mod. It was a gif made to illustrate a point.

    • I have a question, why do so many people say that enraged rolls are better than .3 crit power rolls? Just curious about the math behind it. How is it better?

      • 0.3 Crit Power is additive to all the crit power you get. With normal crystals and a Crit Power scroll, you will have around 8x Crit Power. This means the Crit Power roll gives you 8.3x total crit power, which is a 3.75% damage boost assuming 100% Crit chance, which obviously doesn’t exist. Counting crit chances into account, you’ll get about a 2.5% damage increase from a crit power roll. Damage rolls are also additive. With standard PvE weapon rolls and a +15 weapon and VM gloves, you’ll have a 37.2% damage increase against enraged monsters while attacking from the back. The second enraged damage line will give you a 6.8% damage increase from that. Most bosses are enraged for at least 50% of the fight depending on party DPS, with some being at near 100%. This means you’ll get a 3.4% to 6.8% damage boost from the second enraged damage line.

  3. hello guys, I’ve good results with crit power on weapon, rings and neck on my gunner, but every sigle tutorial that I see deny it :/ how can it be?

    • 0.04 crit power is very small, especially compared to the amount of crit power you can attain from crystals (Savage, Bitter/Spiteful) and from scrolls (Onslaught Crit Power). Perhaps if the rolls gave much more crit power, they could be considered a viable roll, but as they stand, 4 crit factor or 4 power will give much more damage than 0.04 crit power will.

  4. Are there gears and rolls information for DPS classes like you guys have for Brawler on thie page ? It was really helpful for my brawler to get the right gears with the right rolls after I hit 65. It’s hard to find authentic information by googling.

    • The best way to get information for gear rolls is from looking up a class guide. We are currently working on getting updated class guides out, but they are currently undergoing revision. Please expect to see them in the new year.

  5. 109 Stamina is a good breakpoint of charm effectiveness to use a combat panacea, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I remember testing this back in the day..

    Also, Federation Supply: Goddess’s Blessing, Goddess’ Blessing, and Goddess’s Blessing are consumed in this order (meaning you can hold as many Goddess’s Blessing as you’d like)

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