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Gear Revamp Guide

The Basics First of all I’d like to explain the concept of the new gear system. Since these fundamentals are referred to throughout the entire guide. There are two main changes to the progression system and several smaller changes. First of all the the Linear Progression. Let’s first go over […]

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TERA: Knockout

Link to official patch notes: CLASS CHANGES Brawler A new classes has joined our heroes, she is called the Brawler, restricted to human female only. She will use powerfists as a weapon and specialises in tanking. Check out a Brawler Guide below: Brawler Guide by Fluffy_tails Rare Master Glyphs […]

TERA: The Lost Isle

TERA: The Lost Isle is a small content patch which was released in KTERA and is set to be released on October 13th 2015 in NATERA. This update will see TERA updating the start of our journey. Introducing an hidden island, the original island – Stepstone Island, for players to […]

TERA: Go Berserk!

TERA: Go Berserk! is an upcoming patch which is set to be released on July 7th 2015 for NA TERA. Go Berserk is TERA’s major summer patch as it introduces new dungeons, gear and class changes. “On July 7, all of TERA can Go Berserk! We’re adding goodies like new […]

Fate of Arun: Gunner

Fate of Arun: Gunner was released on May 5th 2015 in NaTERA. It was released on December 17th 2014 in KTERA. This is the second patch of the 10th Update. TERA’s 10th Class: Gunner, is set to be released in this patch. It features a new way to deal damage […]