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3/31 Patch Notes

Dungeon Liar Tarski’s Playground New dungeon added 5 man party, Instance Matching available for item level 409 or higher Located at Popolion > Lake of Tears > Eldritch Academy Drops: Dakuryon Necklace, Dakuryon Ring/Earring T2 , Diamond, Tier 9 Feedstock, Dyad structure, VM7 Materials , VM6 materials, VM7 designs, Goldfinger […]

Liar Tarski’s Playground

Disclaimer: I will be directly translating the GM Note from KTERA on Nexon word-for-word as much as possible, so the original writer is not related to Essential Mana. However, I will provide my own comments in PINK to point out some parts people may misunderstand or have no idea what […]

3/24 Patch Notes

Dungeon     Dakuryon HM           Adjusted the conditions for activating Final boss’s hard enrage, 3 stack buff, and monster summons. Skill     Ninja      ▣ Combo Attack      ◈ Decreased damage on first 6 hits of the skill by 30%.     […]

3/17 Patch Notes

Dungeon Kalivan’s Dreadnaught Hard Mode ◈ Increased number of drops for Tier 9 Feedstock when defeating First Boss  ◈ Increased number of drops for Tier 9 Feedstock and added Dakuryon Earring (Tier 1) when defeating Second Boss ◈ Increased number of drops for Tier 9 Feedstock, Premium Alkahests; added Extensive […]

Upcoming Class Balance

Just to clarify, this is a direct translation of a GM Note (NEXON version of G.O Post). Plans for Class Balance Changes on March Hello, I am “Calvenstein” who is in charge of Balancing. Today, I would like to share with you about Class Balance Changes that are planned to […]

3/10 Patch Notes

Dungeon Dreadspire Re-opened with adjustments for current season. 5 man Lv 65 Dungeon Upper floors do not have limit as long as you have Tickets. Rewards: Tier 10 Feedstock Tier 10 Master Enigmatic Scrolls Dyad Pieces (we don’t have this in NA) Emerald Goldfinger Tokens etc.   Dungeon of Trials […]

2/25 Patch Notes

Dungeon Tyrant Dakuryon’s Refuge (Hard Mode) The Final Boss’s Throw mechanic will no longer be Shared Damage   Dakuryon’s Refuge (Normal Mode) Slightly reduced HP of Completed Dakuryon Slightly reduced the damage of Demokrons morphed by Completed Dakuryon Reduced casting speed of Dakuryon’s cage mechanic   Wonderholme Magic Stone that […]

2/18 Patch Notes

New Dungeon Name : Tyrant Dakuryon’s Refuge (Dakuryon’s Refuge Hard Mode) Type : 5-man party Lv 65 dungeon Location: Highwatch Outskirts. Item Level : 414 Drops : Dakuryon’s Rings (T2) , Dakuryon’s Earrings (T2), VM7 Belt, VM7 Materials Other Dungeon Changes Name : Kalivan’s Dreadnaught Hard Mode Changes : Reduced […]

1/26 Patch Notes

Complete Patch Notes for KTERA [Nexon], Jan. 26 Credits: Idi0ticGenius (translation), soundwaffles (editing), slowpokie (editing) 1. New Class: Ninja 2. Flight System Added The following areas are available for flight. Velika: Velika, Velika Outskirts Island of Dawn Val Oryin: Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Ex Prima, Highwatch, Highwatch Outskirts, Arx Umbra […]