Developer's Note

Guild contents

On today’s developer’s note, i will introduce the up coming GvG Raid and Guild Renewal on June 29th.


5/26 Patch “Note”

Banned Words Updated the list of banned words.   Bug Fixed an issue where the buffs were not removed when leaving Celestial Arena .


5/19 Patch Notes

Battleground Kumas World Resurrection time changed from 2 seconds to 4 seconds Victory rewards 3,600 Bellicarium Credits and 1,600 Killing Spree Boss Kumas Attack Increased by 30% Boss Kumas 6-hit Slap March Attack’s Cooldown Increased to 5 Seconds     Secondary … Continued


5/12 “Patch” Note

Dungeon Tarski’s Playground Defeating Tarski now also drop “Rune of Secrets”.   …. …. ….That’s it. ye…


5/03 Patch Notes

New solo dungeon (“Memory of Lakanan Castle”), Conflate gear adjustment, open world loot adjustments


4/28 Patch Notes

Translator Note: Please check the previous Developer’s Note about April Balance Adjustments by clicking here!   Skill Lancer Adrenaline Rush is now a Buff Skill       ▣ Adrenaline Rush I           ◈ For 20 … Continued

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