8/25 Patch Notes

30 Man raid release; Slayer changes; Lancer, Warrior, Berserker, Archer, Priest, Mystic Adjustments, Guild System changes, Battleground adjustments, N. Shara flight expansion, UI revamp, Conflate nerf.


8/18 Patch Note

Lilith NM nerf, DFHM drops Rakelith Necklace, Forced IMS for mid-tier dungeon, BC/KS from CS increased, New inner


8/11 Patch Note

Berserker and Sorcerer Buffs, New Rakelith HM dungone, Lilith NM and HM adjustments, BG Eq. Gear adjustments, bug fixes!


7/28 Patch Notes

Lilith Castle HM, Rakelith Ruin NM introduiced, Lilith’s Castle NM Nerfs and fixes, Guild System Adjustements, and other fixes.


7/14 , 7/21

For some details in changes regarding UI, Stamina, Item, etc, see previous post 7/14 There were only some event stuff and bug fixes. Not really important.     7/21 Will finish translation later; a lot have been going on;;   … Continued

Developer's Note

System/ UI Revamp

Incomplete translation, but I translated important ones for now.  Hello, this is Developer Light. Today, I am introducing you “System/UI revamp for Convenience” With your continuous support, TERA have reached 6th anniversary since its release. But as time has passed … Continued

GM Note

Class Revamp Plans

A list of the Skills changes for the upcoming Sorcerer Revamp and a general idea of schedule for future class balance changes.


7/7 Patch Note

Adjustments to GvG Raid and Guild Systems, and addition of new items to Specialty Merchants and Vanguard Crystal Merchants.


6/23~ 6/29 Patch Note

6/23 patch did not have anything that may affect other regions outside KTERA. 6/29 patch introduced GvG Raid, New Guild System, announcement of Alliance and Crusades, Vanguard changes, and important bug fixes.

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