Lilith’s Castle (Lilith NM)

Balance for certain mechanics have been adjusted

Waxpider (second boss) Candle Wax Gauge increases by 1 per second
Lilith (final boss) long range breath attack damage reduced
Removed Slow debuff received from Large AoE push back
Removed DoT (Damage over Time) puddle in the center of map during Combat Area Limitation Mechanic

Demokron Factory Hard Mode

Added “Rakelith Necklace” as drops


Mid-Tier Dungeons become Instance Matching ONLY Remember the IMS bug back when KC was released?

Applied to the following Dungeons with queue limit.

Lilith’s Castle (Lilith NM) (Queue limit: 4 man)
Shadow Sanguinary NM (Queue limit: 4 man)
Demokron Factory HM (Queue limit: 5 man)
Vault of Kaprima (Queue limit: 4 man)
EME pls don’t bring this to NA


Corsair’s Stronghold

Increased amount of Bellicarium / Killing Spree credits earned

Before After
Victory Contribution Victory Contribution
Bellicarium 3500 2000 6000 3000
Killing Spree 2000 900 2500 1500

New Item

Cash Item Purchase

We will announce the conditions of purchase (probably meaning price) on Aug. 19th (Fri) for secure purchases.

This wasn’t mentioned on Patch Note, but on their Cash shop, there’s new Inners

New Superior Inners with better stats

For Images, look at the New Superior Inners TabĀ 

CurrentĀ  New
Base Stat Item Level 309 317
Defense 379 424
Balance 2032 2258
MaxHP 3436 3935
Bonus Stat by Type
Stat by Type Power 8 10
MaxHP 7.2% 9.0%
Crit Factor 16 20
Endurance 6 9
MP per 5 sec 144 180


KTERA Event token’s addition of new item delayed

Bug Fixes

Other error fixes

I don’t know why but this patch note is incomplete

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