Increased Damage against Elite Monsters/BAMs.

(Elite monsters are the ones with a skull mark on them regardless of being a BAM. Usually dungeon bosses or special mobs have this. Thanks to Itrysil from Official TERA forums —  

“an elite monster is essentially a boss monster that is too small to be a BAM, such as first boss in WH, darkan from SC, as well as many others”

Also, I wonder how much they buffed it to be on-par with Ninja’s DPS. I dont think what they want is merely “more damage”.

Someone did the testing for Zerk’s damage buff and I think it’s safer to assume it’s about 10% buff at most.)


Increase casting speed for the following skills

Glacial Retreat : 20%

Painblast : 20%

Nova : 25%

Lightning Strike : 15%

Increased PvP damage for the following skills

Meteor Shower / Enhanced Meteor Shower

Void Pulse

Flame Pillar

Lightning Strike

Decreased damage by 15%

Warp Barrier

Consumes 0 MP

Replenishes 5% of Max MP on cast

No longer replenishes 5% of Max MP when receiving hit

Spell Enhancement Effect no longer applies while Warp Barrier’s Effect exists.

Frost Sphere

Decreased skill range (specifically not as in distance, but as in area)

Meteor Shower/ Enhanced Meteor Shower

Enabled to use Backstep while casting (to cancel casting animation)

The skill is performed at the end of casting when the skill is pressed after 1.5 seconds of cast. (probably meaning the backstep can only be used to cancel the skill after 1.5 second of its casting animation, and there’s a slight delay before actually performing backstep)

Slayer Change Preview (coming Soon™ Aug. 25th)

Increased Damage against Elite Monsters/ BAMs

Ultimate Overhand Strike will also receive effects from Chest’s Overhand Strike top line, glyphs, and Noctenium


(They lied! LOL They said Berserker and Slayer Buffs will come on early August. Apparently 25th is early.)


Surpassed Rakelith’s Ruins (Rakelith HM)

Level 65, 5 man dungeon

Located at Cliffs of Insanity, Popolion

Item Level 422 required for Instance Matching.

Rewards: Rakelith Ring/Earring (T2), VM8 Belt, VM8 materials, Rakelith’s Treasure Box, Succubus’ Magic Stone, etc


Lilith’s Castle (Lilith NM)

Decreased HP of all bosses


Villainess Lilith’s Castle (Lilith HM)

Enabled mounting in pathway between Second and Final boss

Fixed an issue where Lilith’s large frontal attack’s reach were also being received as a hit from the back.

Final Boss Lilith will now move toward the players after successful confrontation with her shield phase.


Akasha’s Hideout

Removed “Akasha’s Withering“ debuff.



Equalized Gear

Added additional stats to equalized inner armor.

Item Name

Additional Stats

Inner Armor

Increase Crit Resist Factor by 20

Increase Max HP by 20,000

Corsair Stronghold Earring

Increase Power by 13.5%

Increase Endurance by 10%

Replenish 6.5% of Max MP every 5 seconds


Increase Power by 13.5%

Increase Endurance by 10%

Replenish 6.5% of Max MP every 5 seconds



Increased Lilith, Imperator, and VM8 weapon’s base Attack and Impact.

Increased item level of Lilith Weapon by 4, Imperator and VM8 by 6.

Replaced Captivating Perfume with Contaminated Crystal in Rakelith’s Treasure Box.


Captivating Perfume is equivalent to Rune of Secrets

Contaminated Crystal is equivalent to Self-Boiling Obkma

Effects and Display

Lowered the intensity of the effect displayed when receiving hits

Removed “Danger Alert” icon with the addition of “Display when hits received”


Guild Mission

Added Dungeon Mission for Surpassed Rakelith’s Ruins.


[Bug Fixes]


Fixed an issue where during the fight with Second boss from Rakelith’s Ruins, the “Hunger Gauge” was reset when the aggro is switched while a party member received “Prey” debuff.

Fixed an issue where during the fight with Final boss from Rakelith’s Ruins, an unknown entity was being targeted around the walls. (Possibly because it is a recycled map from Timescape, so they probably forgot to remove the capsule hitbox.)

Fixed an issue where Rakelith’s curse was applied on summoned entities. (added)


Fixed an issue when opening Skill UI while riding a flying mount would reset the glyph page(s).


Fixed an issue where Tier 1 and Tier 2 Alkahests were unusable.

Skills (added)

Fixed an issue where Burning Heart could be used after using a different skill without putting it on cooldown. (this was apparently broken glitch. Let me show you gif below.)

Fixed an issue where a certain status (specifically debuff according to players) was applied while casting Warp Barrier (apparently Warp barrier failed to nullify debuffs when the effect was active)


Ninja Burning Heart Glitch

You use Auto attack while casting BH. Note that it doesn’t stop your BH.

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