KTERA Patch Note 2/9

3/2/2017 Patch Preview Velik’s Temple, Dungeon balance changes, VM8 Buff, Achievement Adjustment Google Spreadsheet Link

Developer's Note

3/2/2017 Patch Preview

20-man Harrowhold, Dual Option System, Bathysmal Rise and Akeron’s Inferno dungeon returns.


1/12 Patch Notes

Class changes (Dancer, Sorcerer, Archer, Berserker, Brawler, Mystic, Slayer), New Mid-tier Dungeon, Battleground reward adjustment, Vanguard UI change, New Gear/Accessories, Hurricane debuff change, IoD token change


12/22 Patch Notes

LUNAR DANCER release, backstep changes, warrior d-stance crit, berserker/slayer/reaper changes, low level dungeons buffed, Behemoth Essence token shop change


10/26 Patch Notes

Warrior Revamp, 30-man raid balance, addition of Circlet accessory, Refined Noctenium Infusion, Artisan Accessories


9/8 Patch Notes

Archer revamp, some class, GvG and dungeon changes. Dreamstorm reopening.