How can I help the team?

The Essential Mana team always looks for motivated, self-sufficient, and self-sustaining contributors. Content contributors here on Essential Mana work at their own pace but are also self motivated. We always look for people who have ideas for fresh articles, are able to gather information, can double-check facts, and format with HTML. If you think this describes you, please apply through our application process. If approved, you will join the team as an Author. You gain the ability to start writing and submitting articles for review. Once an article is up for review, it will need final approval from one of our Editors and/or Floss before publishing.

We also need people competent with HTML and CSS, who can help format articles. You would be working with authors and/or editors to help guide or article look clean, presentable, and readable. Strong design sense and abilities preferred.

We also welcome web programmers who would like to tackle projects, such as web calculators, patch comparison timeline, etc. Strong abilities in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and more needed.

Other talents, such as video makers or artists would be greatly appreciated. Our team is open to your dedicated talent!

I want to support Essential Mana! But I’m not sure how.

We really appreciate your support! Even if you’re not actively on the team, there are many ways to help us out!

  1. Most importantly, you can spread the word about EM. If you see anyone who has questions that a guide here answers, link them!
  2. Turn off Ad-block! Ad revenue would help offset hosting and domain costs and allow us to keep bringing you content.
  3. Send us feedback and ideas! Any particular guide you want to see? Any content you want more information about? See a mistake? Drop us a mail!
  4. And we always appreciate fanart and fanmail!

I’d like to submit a guide but I don’t want to go through a process.

All Essential Mana content goes through a process of feedback and revision. This helps us make sure the information is accurate and meets the standard of a well-written guide or article. If you do not wish to invest the time or effort, you are welcome to post your guide in our Player-submitted Content Forum or the Official TERA forums. Another alternative is writing your guide on a Google Doc file and posting it on on the /r/TeraOnline subreddit.

Our team members are active on all those fronts. If we notice that a guide posted on any of those outlets is very well-written, we may approach you to publish your guide on Essential Mana.